Pain Medication Contaminated with Meningitis In Central Florida

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) has identified a rare form of fungal meningitis that has been found in some shipments of steroid medications commonly used to treat back pain.  The CDC says the exposure most likely occurred between July 1 and September 28 of this year.  It appears that the outbreak, which has killed 7 and sickened more than 60 people in 9 states appears to have been caused by a steroid made in a specialty pharmacy in Massachusetts.  The Florida Department of Health has identified 8 facilities in Florida that received the contaminated pain medications.  Three of these facilities are located in Ocala.  they are the Florida Pain Clinic; Marion Pain Management Cetner and The Surgery Center of Ocala.  Symptoms include a splitting headache, fever, stiff neck, difficulty walking or worsening back pain.  If you were treated at any of these facilities and begin experiencing any of these symptoms it is important that you contact your physician immediately.