Supplemental Security Income Updates?

At Sims & Stakenborg, we see many disabled people who meet the medical requirements for disability, but because of outdated policies which control the determination for financial need under the Supplemental Security Income program, many of those people are ineligible for benefits and medical care.

The Supplemental Security Income program is in need of change.  There are many people who qualify as disabled due to their medical conditions, but are ineligible for benefits due to income and assets.  There is currently a resource limit of $2000.  If someone has in excess of $2000 in assets, this would disqualify them from receiving SSI benefits.  This resource limit has increased by only one third over the past 41 years.  Additionally, there is the “In-Kind Support and Maintenance” rule which reduces an SSI beneficiary’s benefits by one-third if that person is living in the household of another person and receives in-kind support such as room and board.

There is a proposal to update the SSI program which would increase the resource limit and repeal the in-kind and support maintenance provision.

Additional information about the need to update the program can be found on the National Senior Citizens Law Center website at

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