Human Muscle Regenerated with Animal Help

Imagine being able to “Grow” or “Rebuild” muscle tissue after an injury.  New research discussed in the above article indicates it might be possible!

Anxiety – It Can Not Only Harm You, It Can Kill You!!

article by Oregon Hunter, MD

Anxiety, we all have it, because we are human beings, just trying to make it in our difficult lives. Some of us have an easier time of dealing with it, but those who haven’t developed this ability can really suffer.
It is the most common psychiatric diagnosis, sometimes short lived, sometimes a lifelong problem. This disorder may be expressed as a phobia (heights, spiders), or social phobia. A chronic form is PTSD (posttraumatic stress disorder.
Brain circuits are found to be hyperresponsive, such as the amygdala. Brain neurotransmitter chemicals are out of balance, and this has resulted in the development of medications that can be used to bring this chemical disorder back under control.
Untreated anxiety literally wears the body down. It has been associated with increased risk of cardiovascular disease and death. (

Fortunately, there are many good medications for the treatment of anxiety. Treatment of unchecked anxiety will help an individual to lead a productive life and should not be associated with any negative stigma. It would be no different than treating other diseases, such as diabetes or seizures.
Other treatments include psychotherapy, cognitive behavioral modification, mediation, prayer, yoga, and exercise.
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