Q: What can I do to increase my chances of winning my case?

1. Make sure you see a doctor. Failure to have medical documentation is one of the most common reasons for a denial. Judges believe if you are really disabled then you will see a doctor.
2. Document your symptoms. We have a diary under “resources” and a form to complete if you are diabetic. Being able to explain to a judge the types and frequency of symptoms is very helpful.
3. Follow your doctor’s advice. Judges may deny your claim if you refuse to comply with medical treatment unless you have a good reason.
4. Don’t misuse your medications. If you run out of medications too soon you may be discharged by your doctor and the judge may find you are abusing your medications. Keep in mind the new laws regarding prescription narcotics may result in your being given a random drug screen. Having drugs in your system for which you are not prescribed or not having drugs in your system for which you have been given prescriptions may cause serious problems.
5. Don’t misrepresent your condition on your application. Exaggeration can only hurt, not help your claim.
6. Be honest about employment. The government has information about your earnings and if you attempted to work during a period of disability you must be up front about this if asked.
7. Don’t give up. There are important deadlines that must be met. When we represent claimants we provide documentation for appeals. If you are handling your case on your own and miss a deadline it could mean the end of your case.

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