Q: What is Retirement, Survivor and Disability Insurance Benefits (DIB)?

A: To be eligible for disability Title II benefits, you must be insured under the Social Security program as of the date you became disabled.  The date last insured is based upon the number of years during which you worked and Social Security contributions were deducted from your wages. A claimant must have earned at least 20 quarters of coverage in the preceding 40 quarter period. This means that the person has worked under Social Security for at least five of the 10 years (20-out-of-40 quarters) just before becoming disabled. If you find that you have no earnings for years that you clearly worked and have proof (via a W-2), then you should contact Social Security Administration at (800)772-1213.  If your date last insured is AFTER the date you became disabled, you will not be eligible for Title II benefits

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