Q: Will a statement from my doctor help my claim?

A: Many doctors provide written statements that state “my client is disabled and unable to work.” Unfortunately, these statements are NOT enough to make our client’s eligible for benefits. Why aren’t your statements of disability enough?

1. The condition and treatment are not as important as how it is affecting your patients’ ability to work. We have prepared questionnaires which assist us in proving that certain limitations will prevent a claimant/patient from being able to work.

2. “Disabled” according to SSA means that a claimant is unable to RETURN TO ANY WORK, not just the work they did before they were hurt or diagnosed.

3. “Residual Functional Capacity” (RFC) – Many clients may NOT be able to return to work they did in the past, but given age, education, past work experience and RFC, they may be able to perform OTHER work. Therefore, they would NOT be “DISABLED” as defined by the SSA. Link to question about RFC

4. It is ultimately the decision of the Administrative Law Judge whether a claimant is disabled or not.

We have questionnaires directed to treating physicians to help address the specific issues that an Administrative Law Judge will need to analyze. These questionnaires deal with by physical and mental impairments. If your physician is willing to complete these forms, this can be a major advantage in proving the claim.

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